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5 Things You Must Master When Working From Home

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you have considered, or even started working from home. In 2016, 43 percent of employed Americans said they spent at least some time working remotely, according to the survey of more than 15,000 adults (source: NYTimes). Which means almost half of employed America is seeing the light. Working from home is on the rise. But it doesn’t come without some challenges. Here’s what we think will help you master the art of remotely working from home.

Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents.” (Michael Dell, founder of Dell Computers)

We’re in a period of time where the concept and reality of work is drastically evolving. The rules have changed but the game remains the same. And like every other shift such as the ones we see in technology, media and culture, mastering these new rules is paramount to success in every avenue. Here are our rules for mastery in remote work:

Master work-life balance: Work-life balance starts with self awareness. What are your goals? What are your priorities? This shapes your desires, it influences your decisions and it decides what choices you consistently make. Work-life balance is about learning timing and placement. It’s about understanding the significance of living a holistic, wholesome life.

Master time management: Everything to do with productivity is controlled by time. Deadlines, timelines, intervals, shifts. All these concepts are controlled by the element of time. In order to master working from home, you have to know how to manage your time. Set alarms, make full use of timers, work in 45-minute intervals and take necessary (timed) breaks. Time is there to be managed, maximised and controlled. It’s our duty to do so with precision & discipline but to do this properly,we have to be intentional.

Master self-discipline: One of the major issues remote workers face is how to be disciplined, focused & stop procrastinating. It’s easy to fall in the trap of thinking you’re working but actually not doing anything at all. We have all been there. And it’s a constant struggle. For you to be successful working from home, you simply have to master the art of self-discipline. Simple decisions like eliminating all social media distractions, working away from any TV or phone, choosing a quiet place to work and giving yourself actual deadlines to work with help with mastering self-discipline and applying it to our daily lives.

Master rest: We like to say rest is reward. Resting does a lot more than we give credit for. In today’s world, hustle, grind and a never-ending workday is celebrated while rest & relaxation is often seen as laziness. None of this is true. Resting is an integral part of a holistic, well-balanced work-life. Set time to take naps, take water breaks and do whatever you need to do to feel refreshed, relaxed and ready to get back to work. Productivity depends on the ability to sleep well. Never underestimate this.

Master fulfilment: No-one should be working on a job, project or assignment they do not enjoy. Plain and simple. You will never be able to do your best work if you do not enjoy it. The only way to master fulfilment is to use all the keys mentioned above. Is there a work-life balance with what you do daily? Are you managing your time well, spending adequate time exercising and creating memories with your loved ones? Are you self-disciplined? Are you getting enough sleep? If you’re doing all this, you should be happy doing what you love. Master all these things and you’ll experience effective productivity. Master fulfilment and you’ll experience joy.

We would love to partner with you and work with you in 2018. If you’re someone considering working from home this year and you want to learn how you can create income on your own time, with your own schedule, we’d love to hear from you today. For more information, feel free to contact us at

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