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9 Simple & Easy Success Tips For Work-From-Home Moms

Let’s be honest. Being a new parent is not easy. Let’s be honest again. Working from home is not easy either. Put both these challenging prospects together and you could be looking at a life of high stress, tremendous levels of cortisol (this is a stress hormone) and an incredible amount of anxiety, high blood pressure with constant worry and fear.

“For many women, staying home is their desire. But for many more, it’s a decision of convenience” (Darlena Cunha, TIME Magazine)

A Gallup Poll back in 2015 proved some interesting insights about mothers and their preferences regarding work. Studies showed that more than half of women in the U.S. with children under the age of 18, 56%, would prefer to stay home over going to work. The data interestingly showed little difference in the preferences of working versus stay-at-home mothers. Among mothers who are currently employed either full or part time, 40% say they would prefer to work outside the home, and 54% would prefer to stay home. The figures are almost identical among mothers who aren’t currently employed: 37% would prefer a job outside the home, while 57% would rather be at home. 

Now that was back in 2015. This is 2018. How many more mothers do you think prefer to be at home now? We’re guessing those numbers would suggest a whole lot more.

Here are nine tips we think will dramatically transform your results while working from home. These suggestions are tried and tested by women all over the world are benefiting from working hard…and working smart.

  • Wake up early: Get to work on time, before the kids are awake.
  • Create a routine for your children: Establish benchmarks and time schedules so that you can work around it, knowing at all times where you are in your workday.
  • Avoid distractions at all costs: Social media, Netflix, daytime television, radio. Ban them all.
  • Cook and prepare food in advance: Most of a mother’s care for a child involves cooking and preparing food for them. You can minimise time spent doing this by working in the kitchen before you need to.
  • Look into options for childcare: In some cases, an investment towards childcare may be the difference just getting by and excelling in your work-from-home business.
  • Spend time learning: Learning sources such as online courses, educational YouTube videos, books, podcasts can really help give you the advantage as you try to run your business and work from home, especially if you have kids.
  • Manage your “peaks”: As a new work-from-home mom, you will learn the power of peace and quiet. At times, while the kids are awake & full of energy, you may not have enough peace and quiet to actually do some work but you may be able to plug in some headphones and tune into an informative podcast or webinar. Manage your time wisely and make use of the peaks. They won’t come your way as often as you would think.
  • Put in place a lot of extra-curricular activities: As much as you may love your kids, in order to maintain sanity and peace in your life it is mandatory you create time away, by yourself, for yourself. Whether that is booking a spa day away, a gym workout, a walk in the park, a wonderful novel you are just getting into or simply a sit down with one of your best friends over lunch, find ways to get away.
  • Find a mentor: Someone who has been in your situation before and succeeded. The truth is, we are all figuring it out as we go along. But there are some of us who can really help when it comes to what to do, and what not to do. Connect with other successful work-from-home moms who are running their own enterprises or are working for themselves. You’ll learn a lot more speaking to someone going through it than just trying to figure it out all by yourself.

If you’re a working mom and you’re looking for a chance to partner with a company that can bring you a number of opportunities in various industries, we would love to hear from you and discuss some options moving forward. We have a number of customer service representatives openings available to us every week and we would be glad to partner with you and have you on board. For more information, please feel free to contact us at

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